Knowledgeable! Inspections are done by Owner Allen Lehman, an Associate Certified Entomologist with 20 years of experience. In Iowa!
Professional! All inspections are done by a uniformed, individual who will arrive in a clean logo’d vehicle, promptly on time.
Honest! Our Iowa Nice values keep this simple. Provide a truthful inspection, recommending the most affordable treatment or action when necessary.
Convenience! Order inspections by email, phone, or text. When Scheduling we us the ShowingTime app. and we have access to Supra eKEY for entry. All documents are emailed back when finished.

Did You Know?

Subterranean termites are the single greatest economic pest in the United States. These termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. With more and more homes having finished basements and attached garages, termites may go undetected for years.
Treatment recommendations for Powder Post Beetles are more often then not, incorrectly made. Although damage from these beetles can be substantial and in some cases alarming in older homes, the live activity is long gone.
Carpenter Ants can be found throughout Iowa and commonly treatments are recommend when finding just a few in a home. Damage done by These Ants typically is minimal in comparison to Termites. When significant damage is found, it most likely was originally water damage that the Ants have taken up residency.