Frequently Asked Questions

What If I need to reschedule my appointment?

We will do our absolute best to schedule your service appointments on a regular basis on a day and time that fits your schedule. Once on the schedule the exterior prevention will be done as scheduled. If you need to have us return for any additional work a no charge service call will be scheduled for you. The goal is consistent preventative exterior maintenance and keeping the schedule as efficient as possible. It’s more efficient to add a service call to the schedule then it is to move the whole service. Moving the whole service will take the original time slot your
scheduled for and take a future time slot as well.

Can I skip one of my regular schedule appointments?

Unfortunately, no. Skipping a regular visit leaves a gap of 4-6 months between regular maintenance services. This would make preventative maintenance very difficult and not nearly as effective for your home. If you do choose to skip a regular visit this cancels your maintenance plan and the next time we visit your home will be subject to a new initial service fee.

Do I pay less or more based on the inside of my house being done?

No. your service fee is based on the work we are doing outside with goal of preventing pest from entering. The inside is done at your request. Some customers have it done every time, or on an occasional basis and others never have it done. Either way your service fee does not change.

What are the payment options?

Payment is expected prior to or at time of service. Cash, check, or card on file. Pay by the year option is available only by check 10% off the year.

When should I call for additional service calls?

As you feel it’s needed. Of course, the fewer planned services you have the more likely you’ll see pest between services. We might suggest editing your plan to include more frequent visits. We do prioritize these additional calls for customers. A wasp nest call would be something we’d address quickly, compared to a spider. Ultimately our goal is your satisfaction so whenever you need us.

Is there a charge for service calls between regular maintenance services?

Nope. If you have completed all the previous regular services as planned there’s no additional fees. The only time you’d have additional fees would be for pest not currently covered in your plan.

Can I cancel the service plan?

Yes. Prior to 72hrs of your next scheduled appointment you can discontinue your service plan with no charge. If canceling 72hrs or less before your next scheduled service, you’ll be charged for that upcoming service and our service technician will retrieve his equipment from the property as scheduled. Unlike other providers we do not force our customers to continue our services. With the understanding that a new initial service fee will apply for future service needs.

I’d like the inside done every time, can I provide a key, garage code or leave a door open?

Absolutely. If you’re comfortable with allowing us in, we are honored. We have several customers who provide access this way. Notes are added to the account and are only accessible by our staff.

What if the forecast has wind, rain, snow or extreme heat on my scheduled day?

Your service technician has been trained to deal with these common weather occasions in Iowa. They will perform all services steps allowed and anything that could not be completed will be scheduled a no charge service call.

Will I always have the same service technician?

Our intentions are for you to have the same regular technician at every service. Due to our growth, route areas are adjusted and it’s possible you’ll see a new face. On occasion your regular tech maybe out on vacation or unavailable on a day. No worries though, we keep regular notes for all clients and everyone on staff has been trained in the same manner.